EVA 2019 – Boss design pipeline conference (Spanish)

I had the great chance to participate in a conference on this year’s Argentine Videogame Expo (EVA) last weekend alongside three of my colleagues (game designer Nicolas Lince, lead artist Paula Meza and technical artist Matias Hollmann). Since the event organizers have uploaded footage of it, I decided it’d be...Read more

Old projects – Old Save (2015 Global Game Jam)

This is the second game I worked on for a Global Game Jam, and it’s more of a cautionary tale than my 2014 entry. With ‘What do we do now?’ as the jam’s main theme, the team I was part of decided to go with the concept of getting a...Read more

Old projects – Extrasensorial (2014 Global Game Jam)

I guess I might as well get things started by posting about a couple projects I’ve worked on in the past. This time I’ll be talking about Extrasensorial, a pretty simple 3D platformer I worked on in the 2014 Global Game Jam. While the main mechanic of having two sets...Read more

Site refactoring in progress…

Hello everyone! Having finally realized that I could definitely do better than leaving this site unattended for so long, I’ve decided to start it again from scratch. While I don’t think I’ll be posting here all that often, I do intend to write about stuff I come across while making...Read more